Futsol rules

futsol rules

The Rules. Coaches and Players - Welcome! You'll find most of what you need to know about futsal in this overview. It is recommended that you make copies of. FUTSAL RULES 1) The Court and Ball a) Games will be played in the Sports Hall at UniRec. b) The boundaries will consist of; light blue lines (sidelines). Basic Rules of Futsal. Futsal is a five-a-side game, normally played on a flat indoor pitch with hockey sized goals and a size four ball with a reduced bounce. The goalkeeper may be off her line, but may not be nearer than 16 feet from the ball. A yellow card is shown for unsporting behavior, dissent, time wasting, encroachment, persistent infringement, and illegal subbing. Retrieved May 7, Substitutes can come on even when the ball is in play but the player coming off must leave the field before the substitute can enter the playing field. To help you get up to speed and be able to join in the conversation, FIFA. Infraction results in an indirect kick from the spot of the foul. Since then FIFA has also started using the term futsal. The YMCA spread the game immediately throughout South America. Exiting players should come off before new ones go on. For all of the above, except goal clearances, opponents may not be closer to the ball than 16 feet. Find out more from the official FIFA Rules for Futsal. If a team commits a sixth accumulated foul, the opposing side may take the subsequent free-kick awarded to them without a wall, either from the second penalty mark, which is positioned four metres behind the first, or from a position even closer to the penalty area if the foul was committed between the goal line and the second penalty mark. If the rule is not addressed below, you can assume that the laws of play are the same as outdoor. futsol rules All players allowed to enter the penalty area. CONMEBOL — Copa Libertadores de Futsal Top-division clubs. Slide tackling is allowed in futsal under certain conditions, if in the opinion of the referee: Unlike extra time, the goals scored in a shoot-out do not count towards the goals scored throughout the match. Taken from the spot of the infringement or on the line of the penalty area nearest the infringement indirect only. Retrieved 18 July The sanction for violation is an indirect free kick. The player taking the kick must be clearly identified and the player taking the kick must make an attempt at the goal. In the event of injury to the second referee, the third referee will replace the second referee. Confederation Futsal of Oceania CFSO. Wheel of fortune application third referee should also try to control the bench area for the two teams, only allowing the coach to stand a give instruction to the players.




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